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We are looking for Freelancers or anyone who would be interested in working with Pin Jobs. We do not call this an actual job as you will be spending up to 1h per day on our marketing project. Wanna hear more about it? Keep reading!

Thank you for the interest shown in our open position. We decided to create a Q&A section to present the opportunity.

Q: What is PinJobs?

A: PinJobs is a combination of a Job Board and a Job Aggregator. In general we pride ourselves on creating job platforms focused on different countries around the Globe. You can see our presence on some social networks as well.

Q: What is the open position about?

A: If you take a look at our Facebook page, you will see some of the Job posts we have taken out of our job board feeds and shared manually to Facebook. The one interested in the position will have to re-share these job positions to other Job groups. You do not need to research groups – we have a list of Approved Job Groups which you should join before start working.

Q: What is the exact process of the job sharing?

A: We will prepare everything for you: we will create the job post and prepare it for sharing it on social media groups. You will be given access to currently available job offers ready to be re-shared by you. Then you can re-share the job on Facebook and mark it as done in your Work sheet, so we can keep track on the job done and your earnings.

You will be required to maintain the list of the Job groups you have joined. This means – from time to time you should be checking for any Pending posts. In case a group is not approving your posts or the delay of approving them is longer than 3 days – you should leave the group and let us know about it.

Please, note, that the earnings will be estimated until we verify your work and confirm everything was done correctly.

Q: What about the remuneration?

A: You will be paid per a re-shared post. We pay a fixed amount of $0.10 per a re-shared job post. Please, note, that you may have to re-share the post to several job groups (a minimum post re-shares will be stated) – so the payment is per a post re-shared multiple times, not per a single re-share of that particular post.

Q: What is the Workload?

A: You can expect to have between 30-50 job posts available for a re-share per day. We can supply you with more, but, unfortunately, after a certain amount of activity – Facebook limits your ability to post in groups for a period of 24h up to 168h. So, to play on the safe side and minimize the chances your account to be limited, it’s better if you are not oversharing.

In case your account is being limited by Facebook – please, let us know about it, so we can pause your workload. Facebook will give you the option to disagree with their decision – we advice you to do it, as it happened to us many times and in the end the Facebook support is sending us an apology for their mistake.

Q: When is the PayDay?

A: We issue payments every third week of the month for previous month earnings. This means you will receive a payment for your January earnings – in the third week of February.

Q: What is the payment method?

A: We send payments via the Revolut bank app only. This is the most convenient and fastest way for us to make our payments to our agents. Also it costs nothing for transfers between Revolut accounts. Revolut gives you the opportunity to link it to your normal bank account and transfer funds immediately and for Free. 

Please, note, that we cannot consider you for the job without having a Revolut account. You can get more information about it and if it is available in your country here

Q: I like the project, how can I start?

A: Nice! First, make sure that you have read and understand all of the information above and if you agree with that – fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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